*Julie Bell* (tnkrbell1703) wrote in friendly_robins,
*Julie Bell*

Old promises....

It was nearing midnight when they finished their meals and left the restaurant. It was chilly outside and Ben folded his jacket over Kara's shoulders taking in her scent as he did so. He couldn't help but think of the times they spent together years back. The walked in silence back to Kara's apartment which was just a few blocks away.

"It was nice seeing you, Kara" Ben said abrubtly at the door delibritly not making eye-contact.

This was a complete change from how things had been flowing at dinner. Kara felt uncomfortable.

"Yeah....I mean, you'll have to stop by again next time your here on business" Kara struggled to find the right words.

And with that, Ben looked up and stared at Kara and muttered under his breath, "forever and always" and walked away into the night without a proper goodbye.

Kara bowed her head. She knew what those words used to mean to her and Ben and it was painful for her to think about.

The jacket that had been keeping her warm fell off her shoulders. She picked it up holding it close to her. She glanced down at the ground and noticed...

A letter.

It had obviously fallen out of one of the pockets.
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