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Friends Among Friends

Write Super Good Stories Together

Among Friends
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Hey Look its the friendly, laid back version of Dan's group:

So, this is my new group I've created, inspired by an exchange Dan had with his brother. They thought it would be fun to create a round robin group for story telling. In case you have no clue what that means, the way it works is one person starts a story ("It was a dark and stormy night...") and then another person adds to it ("...and there was a ghost!"), and it just kind of grows like that.

So, this is my version based off of Dan's idea!

We've got a good story going on now. So join now and give us some input. This group is really, really friendly so any writing style is great. I mean even if you can't spell, that's fine. We've got members who have been in honors english and basic english so don't feel pressure. Just write to the best of your ability. The point is to make a good story, not to write specifically well. Just make sure you stick to the story line and don't start a new story unless everyone agrees to it first.

Any questions?

P.S. Your probably wondering why I'm not in Dan's group. We'll Dan and his brother have decided that "good writers" don't use adjectives. And I don't believe that's fair to say. I think it's fair to say you should be able to write whatever you want however you want, and there should be no rules about what makes good descriptive writing. Groups on livejournal should be fun, not critizing. So, if you want a lot of rules and structure to your writing join Dan's group, if you want free, go-anywhere with it style writing join this one. I leave that up to you. But, I truly hope you'll contribute either way.